Lorenzo bartender gay bar PRIK Amsterdam


Hi guys,

this is Lorenzo, 25 years old from Milan, Italy. I came here in February 2018 so I’m really really new to Amsterdam. The main reason is that I’m taking an internship in a Landscape Architecture studio, one of my favourite all around Europe (super cool projects, feel free to ask!). So yes, I’m a landscape architect but even very passionate about architecture and photography and that’s why I chose Amsterdam, such a beautiful, modern and liveable city, to with falling in love at every corner (or canal!).

The first time I came to Prik was with my flatmate, to celebrate the fact that we found an apartment together. Sitting at the bar, I spoke with one of the bartenders and I suddently thought that It would have been amazing to be part of Prik’s team, as I think is the best way to know interesting people and to be part of Amsterdam’s gay community.

I see myselft as a kind, solar and delicate guy, very dedicated in what I do and making sure everyone is enjoying his time. I’m quite emphatic too: seeing people having fun makes me happy too. If you’re up, just talk to me, the easiest way for now is to talk in English, Italian or Spanish but I’ll soon improve my Dutch!

Ps: I love alcohol and seeing people drinking, it’s like I’m enjoying it too (I told you I’m emphatic) 😉

See you all al Prik,