Nick, bartender at gay bar Prik Amsterdam


Hello I’m Nick,

I’m one of the newest bartenders at Prik. With only 22 years also one of the youngest around here.

I’m originally from Utrecht, another big city in the Netherlands.
My father is from Greece and my mother is Dutch, but my Greek is not perfect yet. So Greek guys, feel free to come to Prik and teach me some more!

Anyway, after being born and raised in Utrecht I wanted to move out when I got older. The gay life and nightlife in general bored me and Amsterdam kept attracting me more and more.

At the age of 18 I decided to move to Amsterdam and quickly found my place here and made some really good friends. I have been enjoying the nightlife here because of the rich variety of music styles and people. I met so many people from all over the world during nightlife. With a background in sociology, I’m always interested in meeting new people and to hear about stories from other cultures.

With all this positivity I got from going out, I decided, why not make my job out of if? That’s when I decided I would really like to work at Prik. I’ve spent some fun nights here and always enjoyed the atmosphere and open attitude of the employees.

Besides going out and working at Prik I try to maintain some school work of my study which I almost finished. Apart from that I like to travel and hang around with friends (original, yes..).

I try to embrace the open attitude of Prik and to make you feel comfortable and at home in the bar! Don’t hesitate to approach me and have a talk :)

See you soon!