Alex, bartender at gay bar Prik Amsterdam


Hello !

My name is Alexandre,

I come from France and moved to the Netherlands in August 2015. I studied photography two years in Paris but decided that studying it in Amsterdam would be better. I am actually half Dutch but my skills in the language are very low, however you can help me out by practicing with me :-)

I only came to Prik once before but liked the friendliness of everyone immediately. Later on, I decided to ask if they were hiring, a few days passed and I started working! I’m very new at bartending, therefore I might be a little slow. But this is mostly because I want to make your drink the best one you’ve ever had !

I love fast food and like anything Art related! I also like to discover and learn about facts and new things. I love a great conversation, don’t hesitate to speak with me :-)

Bisous from Prik