PRIK brouwerij t ij IPA IJwit Zatte

Amsterdam beers

PRIK offers 3 great beers of the local brewery called ‘Brouwerij ‘t IJ’.

I.P.A. 7%: This I.P.A. is a dark-blonde beer with an emphatic, hoppy flavour. Hops are added to the beer during the maturing process as well as the brewing to produce delicious aromas of flowers and grapefruit. A beer with a fruity, bitter aftertaste that lingers for a long time.

Zatte 8%: The first beer to come out of their vats, back in 1985, making it the classic beer of Brouwerij ‘t IJ. It is a ‘tripel’, the category reserved for the stronger, blonde beers in Belgian tradition. Zatte more than lives up to expectations in this respect. It is a full-bodied, golden beer with a scent of fresh fruit mingled here and there with a hint of grain. The flavour is slightly sweet, ending with a fine, dry aftertaste. A delicious beer that can be enjoyed in all seasons.

IJWIT 6,5%: A full-bodied, Amsterdam brewn wheat beer that is dangerously ‘moreish’. Slightly cloudy, it has a beautiful golden colour and a soft, foamy head. As will wheat malt as barley malt is used in the brewing process, which is also how the beer gets its name. The wheat malt gives the beer a delightful, fresh flavour, and the addition of coriander and lemon during the brewing process produces a rich aroma of banana, citrus and spices. Topped off by a fine, slightly sweet aftertaste, IJwit is a delicious thirst-quencher.