gay bar Prik Amsterdam winter cocktails

Winter cocktails

A new menu with cocktail specials for the cold months of the year. All created by the PRIK team with unique flavour combinations and the best ingredients.

Dutch Chocolate & Blackberry Martini
Seductive drink made with fresh blackberries, chocolate liqueur, aged red vermouth and jenever.

Apple Pie Daiquiry
Everything is better as a drink! Frozen cocktail with fresh sour apple, dark rum, butterscotch liqueur, vanilla and cinnamon.

El Diablo Nero
A full flavoured drink with a Mexican kick of aged Don Julio Añejo tequila, with fresh blackberries and limes.

‘Stoofpeer’ Martini
Tastes just like grandma’s stewed pears, but with more alcohol: with pear vodka, cinnamon, port and grenadine.

Prikky Ford
This drink will send you straight to rehab! Tequila, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec and a full can of Prik Power energy drink.

Jimmy’s Maple Sling
Long drink with Jim Beam maple bourbon, dry orange liqueur, lemon juice, gingerbeer and a hint of peach.

Forest Fruit Sangria
Pitcher with a sweet fruity mix of pink prosecco, red wine, black- and blueberry liqueur, lemonade (cassis), blackberries and blueberries. (+/- 6 glasses)
PUSSYTAIL (alcohol free)

Black Coco Pussy
Refreshing and fruity with fresh blackberries, limes, a hint of cocout and cloudy pear juice.

Special Coffees
Irish (Jameson Whiskey), Spanish (Licor 43), French (Cointreau) or Italian (Amaretto DiSaronno).

Hot Chocolate
Dark or white hot chocolate. Add a shot of rum or butterscotch liqueur for 3,-