Ben, bartender at gay bar Prik Amsterdam


Hey guys! (and girls of course :-) )

Thanks for reading my small piece one the Prik website. My name is Ben, 23 years old, originally from Arnhem.

I`m already living a couple of years in Amsterdam as an chemistry student but i`m not following classes at the moment. I came to a point where I was not sure anymore if I still liked the studies or not, and decided to take a break and figure out what I really want.

So now I`m spending my days working as a cheese man in a cheese store by day and as a bartender behind the bar by night. :-) Its not the first time for me to be working behind the bar, but the whole set up is completely different, so there is still lots to learn an recap for me. Furthermore I like to hang out with friends, game and exercise a bit. Nothing unusual.

There are still loads of things going on in my life so don’t be afraid to step up to me and start a conversation, or just order a drink and have a good time together at Prik! :-)