David bartender gay bar Prik Amsterdam



I’m David from Barcelona. I’m 24. After finishing my studies I decided to move to Amsterdam to take a break (relax and enjoy). I also plan to improve my languages and social skills. There isn’t a better place to do it than PRIK. Come to visit me and let’s have some fun together.

I’m an industrial engineer so I like all kind of nerd stuff (new technologies, video games…). I love outdoors so I have tried all kind of sports: football, Basket, athletism, rugby( for 10 years), boxing, pàdel… I’m always trying out new stuff. For a while, I was also doing human towers in catalonià, where I enjoyed a lot my culture and traditions. I also like everything related to mountains: hiking, climbing, snowboarding… My dream vacations consist of me getting lost on a mountain with a friend, a bag of supplies and a tent.

Hope to see you soon. Don’t be afraid to approach me for a talk, it’s your time to explain to me what you are passionate about.