Gerson, bartender at gay bar Prik Amsterdam


Hey there! So you’ve probably seen me behind the bar at PRIK before, but here’s a little info about me!

I grew up in Gorinchem in South Holland and was a regular on the korfball field for many years (ask your Dutch friends what korfball is!). The hetero boys fantasy about korfball boys and girls taking a shower together is fortunately just a fantasy – believe me! :-) Nowadays I love playing squash, so if you want to hit some balls with me then let me know.

After I finished my study of commercial economics, I worked as a buyer for the world’s most famous seller of tompouces and fat sausages, HEMA. After five years of sampling sweets and chocolates I was ready for a new adventure. Jelger and I wanted to bring some new life into the Amsterdam gay scene. Time flies, as that was back in 2006! Without being cocky I’m so proud to say it’s become a bigger success than I dreamed off. Thank you for all the years of support and being the best crowd of any bar in Amsterdam (the world? 😉 ) It has been and still is an incredible journey and I am so proud of our team who make PRIK a special place where everyone feels at home.

See you soon in PRIK! -X-