Hsen bartender gay bar Prik Amsterdam


Hallo Hallo.. And welcome to my world!

My name is Hsen. I am 24 years old, originally from Lebanon.

Ever since I was a young child, the dream of moving to Europe has always been haunting me, but never imagined that one day it could come to reality. The idea of moving away is the result of the hardships and the ordeals a homosexual guy like me faces on regular basis.
Adding to this, I come from a very preservative, closed-minded family which made my life even more horrible.

Years went running as always, and here I am living and working in Amsterdam, which I prefer to call it “the city that never sleeps”.

Beneath my inspiring story, I’m the kind of guy whom they call “a wanderlust”. I believe in being a good person, sharing my love with everyone, helping others, and making people happy. That’s what makes me a good listener where smiling “no matter what” is my slogan. So if you see me behind the bar, feel free to start a conversation, share a matter, or even ask for a hug.

Aside from my outgoing social personality, I am a calm person. I love spending time alone, listening to music, discovering places, or watching trains and people coming and going as I drink my warm Latte. Some of my hobbies which I am trying to develop are writing, knitting, and meditation. Moreover, I like collecting post cards, piercings, tattoos, and happy memories.

Finally, life isn’t easy, but everyday is a new opportunity. I’ve been through a lot in those 24 years, but I still look at the bright lights in the future which will definitely start shining soon. I hope you enjoy my company at Prik and treasure unforgettable moments.