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Hey Prik lovers,

You probably have seen a new name on the Prik’s board and that’s me, Iman. I am from Shiraz, a beautiful city in the southern part of Iran. Two years ago I started a long journey finding a new home, where I could bring my inside out. And I ended up in the land of Dutch. I never believed in Love at first sight until I came to Amsterdam. Since then, an everlasting love started to grow in me.

I studied Sociology back in Iran and worked as an assistant accountant for a while. Strange, right?

Still figuring out what I want to do with my life in the Netherlands but being a Prikkie is definitely a good start 😉

I care about environment, plants and animals as much as I care about people. That’s why I love biking.

Lock me in a room full of chocolate and cheese and you will be surprised when you open the door. But don’t forget to give me the WiFi code because I spend some of my free time translating and sharing sexual rights related articles as part of a volunteer work.

Most people know Prik as the friendliest gay bar in Amsterdam and so do I. That’s why when I started looking for a new job, Prik was my first choice and I am really glad Prik chose me as well 😉

I could never imagine getting paid for having fun but it definitely happens when you are a Prikkie.

You probably know there are no bars in Iran so you can imagine how tiny my knowledge is when it comes to drinks but I am a fast learner. So I will recommend drinks to you before you know it.

If you see me smiling the whole time, that’s because I enjoy seeing you having fun. I am a social person and always into getting to know new people but as I am learning Dutch at the moment it probably would be more convenient if you could talk to me in English or Persian. Or just try to teach me some Dutch 😉

Never stay home alone, we would love to see you at Prik…