Jelger bartender gay bar Prik Amsterdam


Hi, i’m Jelger and together with Gerson we started Prik in the summer of 2006. Back then we liked to go out in Amsterdam and dance our asses off at all the different parties. What we missed in the Amsterdam gay scene was a bar where we felt at home, with good music, great cocktails and some delicious snacks. So we thought “Why not start a bar ourselves?”. After a long and intensive preparation period we opened the doors to Prik on July 14 2006. It seems that we were not the only ones who were looking for a bar like Prik and soon Prik was and still is one of the most popular gay bars of Amsterdam. Prik won the best gay bar of Amsterdam awarded by Time Out
Magazine twice and were even voted best Gay bar of the Netherlands by in two consecutive years.

Before my Prik adventure I studied business management at the University of Twente and photography at the Photo Academy of Amsterdam. Unfortunately I don’t have enough free time to make beautiful photos anymore. In my sparse free time I like to sample Amsterdams restaurants, go to the gym once in a while and visit other bars and try their cocktails. One of my oldest interests is cars, but it looks like I am one of the few gays who likes cars so I won’t bore you too much with that.

That is it for now. If you want to know more then you really have to visit Prik. And while you are there try one of our lovely liquids, sexy snacks and enjoy our twisted tunes! Cheers!