Marat, bartender at gay bar PRIK Amsterdam


Hey you!

Thanks for checking this short intro of myself! I am Marat from Baku, Azerbaijan (It is ok, you can google where it is). I moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago to study Finance and I recently graduated from university. Shortly after excitement from my diploma settled down, I realized that I am not thrilled to wear suits every day (or any day), hence, I decided to challenge myself in a different field and take an amazing opportunity to work at Prik. I have been to Prik several times before I started working here.

During my long, dark and sad university years, I came to Prik with my friends to drown our sorrows away in a glass of Chardonnay. Back then, I was already eyeing how awesome it would be to work in this environment, with awesome people that work here and of course, those who come here.
Speaking of awesome stuff, let me tell you more about me. During my free time I love watching
documentaries, playing ice hockey and sleeping. My favorite food is tacos, I love making tacos, eating tacos and taco bout how I love tacos. When you see me behind the bar, feel free to chat me up, I love meeting new people. I am currently available in Azerbaijani, English and Russian, also in mediocre Turkish or barely understandable level of Dutch. I hope to see you very soon at Prik! :)