Prrrrrrr! I’m Prikkiedik. Don’t act so surprised to see me here. After all, I’m the sexiest thing on all fours in this place. Anyway, about me: I’m exactly as old as Prik itself, so I guess you could say this place has always belonged to me. And just because I’m red doesn’t mean that I am male. What’s the matter? Never seen a red pussy before??

So, some people say that I should go on a diet, but I think I’ll eat whatever I want. I’ve got to live up to my name, right? Anyway I get plenty of exercise chasing those nasty dogs around. Some dogs are welcome in Prik, but they’ve got to keep cool. I like a little submissiveness in my animals, if you know what I mean…

I always enjoy it when there are lots of people around at Prik, but I’m no Teddy Bear, so please don’t try to carry me around. Or just try…but then don’t cry!

Anyway, I’m quite a glamour girl. You may find me at the bar drinking out of a martini glass – just extra ice for me, thank you. I find the staff here very good too. As soon as I’m at the bar, my drink is standing waiting for me. Not bad at all.

So, pussies, I think I’ll have a little disco-nap for now. See you soon. Prrrr and a lick from me, Prikkiedik