Roman bartender at gay bar PRIK Amsterdam


Hi there!

So you’ve probably seen me behind the bar at Prik (and if you haven’t – it only means that you need to visit us more often 😉 )

I’m Roman and I come from Poland. I’ve been raised almost IN the forest in polish mountains (my house is literally in the middle of forest). That’s where my love for nature and animals comes from. I own a huge collection of cactuses from all around the world and when it comes to animals.. well, I used to own 350 spiders of different species, 20 snakes and small caiman crocodile to give you an idea 😉

My hobbies are photography and music. I love just walking around listening to music and capturing all the interesting things and people around me. When it comes to music, I love exploring and finding new styles and artists.
I also love travelling so if you want some tips and recommendations about Madagascar, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Europe in general, I’m your guy!

I’ve always wanted to try working in Horeca and I’m very glad that Prik gave me this opportunity! But being new here.. please give me the understanding if I don’t remember all of the cocktails that we have in the menu yet (remember that I’m from Poland and we pretty much only drink vodka there 😉 )

x Roman