Tarik, bartender at gay bar Prik Amsterdam


I’m Tarik, 23 years old, from Istanbul. I moved to Amsterdam to study art when I was 19. I’m still a video art student at Rietveld Academie. However, my extraordinary interest about society and politics, gives me the feeling that I’m not going to be in the art field for a long time, instead I’m going to study at the University of Amsterdam, which is across the street from Prik! Convenient, ha?
When I first met “Prik”, I wasn’t even allowed to have hard liqueurs (I was 17 then!), therefore I was -drink wise- very ignorant. For a long time I believed gin was to sterilise and vodka is a Russian word for ‘pain killer’. But, times have changed and since one year ago I am on the other side of the bar (and I still didn’t change my mind about vodka).

As the bartender, my priority (like my other colleagues’) is to make sure you are having a good time in the bar. I will try my very best to make sure everything is according to your wish and you enjoy the drinks & snacks but most importantly, our hospitality.
You know where I will be and don’t hesitate to drop by for a drink and a chat. After all, that’s why i’m behind the bar.

See you!